5 Top Successes of 2020

Meet (in no particular order) your biggest and best success stories of the year out of the 80 that have found forever homes!

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A brindle coloured dog lies sleeping on a pink blanket and yellow blanket

Poor Puppy Bella arrived with such a bad leg injury, we weren’t sure she was going to make it through. After trips to the vet, they decided to amputate Bella’s front leg to give her the best chance to be healthy. Happily, having three legs never stopped her! Full of energy with her foster siblings, Bella had a great time with cuddles, love and trips to the beach.

She wasn’t trained as a puppy, so, Bella needed a helping hand with the basics like toilet training. When she was ready for adoption, we had to find a forever home that could take on her specific needs.

She found her new home late on this year and is well settled!

ginger cat meowing through glass window

Unhappy Harry came to us very ill and upset, with a severe case of cat flu and clipped whiskers. He was assaulted by his previous owners, and in a desperate condition. Luckily, he found himself with us, where we could give him the care and love he needed.

We treated his flu, and his confidence just grew! His favourite pastime was singing – we could hear him across the whole animal centre! At the start of 2020, Harry went to his forever family.

After treating his new family to a very noisy ride home, he now enjoys sleeping on top of their clothes.


Her previous owners had stopped poorly Molly from getting medical care. This led to an awful eye condition, so bad it needed removal. This unlucky girl was very scared. With her quirky looks, we all fell in love with her. We knew we had to take it slowly to teach her to trust!

Now feeling safe, we got to see her real personality! She is a lovely girl and is always keen to let you know when she is in the room and demanding pets! At the age of 15, Molly is retiring gracefully in her forever home.

Black and white cat on a cat tree

From a big case with lots of cats, Bat was neglected along with the other cats in the house. Because she was part of a large cat household, unlucky Bat hadn’t got much attention or care.

She was closed up and low on confidence thanks to the bad start given to her. It took a while for Bat to come out of her shell and enjoy playing. Once she did she became a different cat and her forever family are giving her the attention she deserves! The three other cats she came in with found new loving homes too.


Ill-treated Stitch was very unsure after being in a house with lots of other animals. Without care or attention, poor Stitch had no idea of the outside world and was fearful of everything he saw. He hadn’t been house trained or taught how to act around other dogs. Because of his past, Stitch was even terrified of our male volunteers and staff.

Over a few months we have given Stitch a lot of the love he was missing. He even trusts the male staff and volunteers that he has gotten to know (especially when treats are on offer!). Stitch is well on his way to finding a forever family to treat him much better.

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