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maddieMaddie has been with us for two weeks now. She really loves her toys and watching food being prepared in the kitchen! Thanks to the staff and volunteers at Warrington she can be affectionate and doesn’t mind being picked up. I think this is because the staff and volunteers have given her plenty of cuddles! She also knows how to “sit” and “drop” thanks to the Warrington staff and volunteers which really helps.

Angela, October 2013



I adopted Dante from your centre in Warrington on 15 May 2011 as my first Dog.

He has settled in well and is as cheeky as ever but can be very stubborn on walks as to where he wants to go (or rather doesn’t!) but is immensely loveable and very affectionate and friendly.

He enjoys camping when we can go and tries to get his head in my sleeping bag at night but doesn’t like the lack of attention while I’m pitching and setting up!

Peter, October 2013


schwatzI adopted Schwartz from Warrington May 2013, she is a BIG Black German Shepherd about 8 years old…..she is beautiful!!She is now companion to me and my indigenous Collie / Lab cross “Sox” another bitch.  It has been an eventful few months with the odd fight or two, but things have settled down.This is one of my BETTER DECISIONS!!

Gerard, October 2013


When we first saw Paddy (as we have now named him) we fell in love. I had already had adopted my two old Staffy girls from the same RSPCA centre and had a love filled 17 and 15 years with them. We only have our Big Mac left on his own so knew it was time to look for a little pal for him. We picked Paddy up today and it feels like he has been here for ever. Both dogs are getting on very well together which is a great bonus x thanks again RSPCA for making our family whole again.

Jane, September 2013


MegFourteen years ago I purchased a small puppy from the Warrington Centre. We named her Meg and she brought joy and happiness to to our lives that can only be described as off the scale. Meg never snatched food never bit anybody and greeted us with a massive tail wag and an unprecedented level of enthusiasm. If her life could be measured in love and affection then she would have lived forever.

Last night at 2202hrs the vet told me she was at peace and had been transported to a higher place. Meg was the best £75 I have ever spent. She gave her all and asked for little in return. Often missed never forgotten


Mark, August 2013


FreddieFreddie and Rubie

We adopted Fred, the guinea pig, on 4th April 2013, from your Warrington branch. We already had a female piggy and so after careful integration, he and our lovely old lady guinea pig, Rubie are getting along beautifully now.

Helen, April 2013



We adopted Bailey on the 17th January this year he had been in the RSPCA since November. We are a family of four who have found our forever friend. Bailey is great with the kids and he loves his walks,but at the end of the day he likes nothing more than curling up on the settee.

Elinor, February 2013


JeremyWe were looking for another rabbit to keep our existing two bunnies company. We went to the RSPCA in Warrington after Christmas and before we knew it, Jeremy had chosen us! He was so friendly and confident and was clearly seeking company too. He was simply perfect.

He now has two friends to play with (and two human friends too!) and has settled very well in his new home. The only thing left to do is find a cure for his terrible snoring!

Beccy, February 2013

Mitch and Missie

Mitch and MissieWe adopted brother and sister Mitch and Missie from Warrington in May 2008 when they were 12 weeks old. We only intended homing one cat but when we saw these two cuddling up together we didn’t have the heart to separate them. Eight years on there’s no regrets, they are a pair of characters and have given as much laughter and affection. Sometimes they’re a bit too clever though and have learned to work as a team and raid the food cupboard.

Ann, February 2013


Jet the Gerbil 003I adopted Jet the gerbil from RSPCA Warrington, she was a lonely gerbil since her cage mate died and had been at the centre since 2011, I adopted her in January 2013, and she has settled in brilliantly, I may not have had her for long, (as I have no idea how old she was when I adopted her), but for the length of time I own her she will be extremely well cared for and spoilt. She has a big personality, mainly noseyness!

Michaela, January 2013

Toby and Suzie

Toby and Suzie were rescued from someone who was no longer able to care for them, they were both very depressed and their coat was matted, 2 weeks ago we brought them into our home and our lives have changed so much for the better, they have been groomed,clipped bathed and we have all just returned from a short break staying in The Wild Boar Hotel Near Lake Windermere in Cumbria.

Dave and Jackie, January 2013

Onion and Topaz

Having collected the kittens on 19/01/13, we got Topaz and Onion home safe and sound. After a remarkably short period of time, they have settled in and are thoroughly enjoying themselves. The adaptability of kittens!

Paul, January 2013


Your animal’s story: we recently adopted sapphire a very timid rottweiller pup from RSPCA Warrington. Although she has not been with us long she is really coming out of her shell and proving to be a loving and very friendly pet. she gets on with our too cats Lou Lou and Dapheny and is learning to live life to the full. her inquisitive nature does mean that she sometimes gets up to no good but she is already a much loved companion and has quickly adapted to being a member of our family.

Colin, January 2013



Hello everybody just to let you know that Mau is doing very well at home. She is the sweetest cat ever and she enjoys all the love and attention from all my family. She has settled in very well into her new home and she is loved by everyone.

Thank you once again.

Kimberley, January 2013


SolI’m a little late in putting this on but … I originally fostered Sol from the centre, but after caring for her for 6 months until she was happy and healthy enough to be re-homed, I simply couldn’t let anyone else have her!

She didn’t have a good start in life, she was brought to the centre by inspectors, she had been living in cramped and dirty conditions with lots of other dogs. She was around 9 months old and had already had a litter of pups! She was very underweight and bald in places and was extremely shy and nervous. She had never eaten from a bowl or been on a lead she had a lot to learn. She soon come round though with the help of my mums 2 lovely dogs who helped look after her and showed her how to play.

I’ve had Sol now for around 3 years. She’s a great dog she still enjoys visiting my mum and going for walks with her 2 dogs. She is a lovely, gentle ‘big sister’ to my other pets; Draco the lizard and the 3 degus, and is a very loyal and loving companion I couldn’t be without her!

Jenny, January 2013

Doug and Donald

Doug and DonaldDoug and Donald are my 2 degus who I rehomed from the centre a little over a year ago. They are nearly 4 now and are a joy to have.

They have their own very different personalities, and love playing on the wheel although they often try to run in opposite directions at the same time! I have recently introduced a new rescued degu to them who they like playing with but aren’t quite happy to share all their cage with just yet. They are very cute and entertaining and a great addition to my home!

Jenny, January 2013


marley ice creamMarley has been with us for almost a year now, and we couldn’t imagine life with out him. He settled in immediately, and was very obedient, it didn’t take log for his personality to show. He has made many doggy and people friends since being with us. Everybody loves him, he now has many aunty and uncles who spoil him rotten.

He loves nothing better than big long walks, and loves to get very muddy.

His other favourite thing are toys, he has a huge big basket full of them. He is very tidy and even puts them back once he has played with them!

We are looking forward to our first holiday all together next week in the lake district. Marley has his own suitcase.

We love our Marley, he has given us so much joy.  So, please consider adopting a dog.

Kelly, December 2012

Molly – AKA – Skinny Minnie

Molly Edwards 002The Warrington RSPCA dog centre was the second place I visited, looking for a very small, older dog. I didn’t get further than Molly’s pen. One look at her face and I was hooked. There were some problems with her personal habits but after seeking advice from many sources I am very happy to report that she is now a very good girl and she understands that the kitchen floor is not her personal toilet! She is loving and faithful, excellent on the lead (mostly) she loves to play chasing on the fields, and to sit on my knee in the evenings. So far I have lost about a stone in weight from all the exercise we take together (so much nicer than dieting) I cannot imagine my life now without her.

Bethany, December 2012



We adopted Lucy on 20/10/2012. She arrived at RSPCA Warrington as a stray. We had recently had Domino, our eldest cat, put to sleep due to a painful eye problem and felt we had room in our lives for another cat. I came to look at the cattery and although I intended to adopt an older cat, Lucy stole my heart with her lively personality and very loud miaowing!

She has been with us for 6 weeks now and certainly keeps us on our toes! She also provides good exercise for Oliver,who came to us from RSPCA Warrington 6 years ago, as she chases him round the house, even though he is 4 times her size. She certainly keeps his weight down,which pleases our vet!

Helen, December 2012


Naughty poppy50b3bb402587b-Poppy sleepy50b3bb372276a-Poppy cutie

Poppy is my first cat and I think I found my feline best friend!

I decided to get a cat in the summer for a bit of company and she has lived up to her expectations. I visited a number of rehoming centres but no cat really jumped out at me.. and then I met Poppy. Cute little thing and a tortie so I knew she would have a bit of “tortitude” she has bags of that!

I always refer to her as naughty but she’s not destructive, she just knows how to wake me up in the morning when she’s hungry.. She’s got a very feisty personality which comes with a tortie. I cannot imagine my life without her in it any more. Such a cute and lovable little thing.. she chats more than I do.. although I think she’s telling me off most of the time!

From a life where she was abandoned by her owners to my home and her forever home!

Liz, November 2012


Maxx1  Maxx2

We saw Maxx as a puppy just over a year ago as we came just to have a look. We came back later to show my Dad, the puppies there were 4 of them but 3 were up for home check, he was the only one left, it was the way he looked at us. He stole our hearts with one look! He turned out to be a little monster but we love him anyway!

Hannah, October 2012

 ‘Summer’ Breeze

Breeze at HomeI adopted ‘Breeze’ in August 2011. I am fortunate enough to work at the centre, and I remember walking into reception, just about to go on my dinner, and there she was – sat down good as gold – a little reserved however, probably wondering what was going on. Safe to say, I fell in love with her IMMEDIATELY!! Two weeks later, the paperwork was filled in and she was on her way home. She settled in almost immediately, flat out at mine and my partners feet, by the couch.

Before Breeze arrived at the centre, she was a working collie – Lived on a farm, 4 or 5 hours of her day spent herding sheep. So I realised straight away, not only would she need ALOT of exercise to compensate for this, but she’ll also need a ‘job’ to stop boredom kicking in. I spoke to a dog trainer, he shown me how to ‘work’ her through play. Not only is this fun for her (and she loves it I might add), but it’s a brilliant way to keep her mentally stimulated. Each week, he shows me something new to work on, and the rest is up to me! It wasn’t long after, that I looked into agility for her. Being a ‘working’ breed, I thought it would be extremely beneficial to give her something fun to do, that involves a lot of thinking. But most importantly, increase that ‘bond’ between owner and dog, which I believe is extremely important – agility ticked all those boxes! Well, thank god she enjoys it, because I absolutely love it!!! We’ve entered a few competitions together, and have won several rosetteBreeze2-images and trophies. Sorry, SHE has won rosettes and trophies! My little superstar! We have recently started doing ‘obedience to music’. She can weave through my legs as I walk or stand still, and she is beginning to learn to walk backwards – it’s still early days with that though!

Two months ago, Breeze ‘acquired’ a baby brother, called ‘Fynn’. A (now) 4 month old Border Collie pup that we got from Cambridge. Although she won’t always admit it, she loves him to pieces! And I couldn’t ask for a better guardian/teacher to help me train him!

And that’s my story… Two Border Collies, 5 fish and 1 budgie later – I’m settled… For now!

Danielle, October 2012


Zoe has been with us for 6 weeks now and has settled in straight away.  She has been on forest and beach walks and with us on holiday already.

She is going to obediance classes and has already mastered sit, down, wait, come, leave it and heel.  We thought she was a staffy cross but it turns out that she is labrador x english bull terrier cross with a bit of GSD and airdale thrown in.

She LOVES playing scent games.  She is a wonderful, affectionate dog, is great with the kids and is loved by the whole family.

October 2012


We have had Kipper now for almost two weeks and he has settled in really well.

He really is a lovely dog who loves being fussed over. He likes nothing better than going out and playing with his ball which I do with him every afternoon.  He was absolutley fine when he first met  my cat, he’s great with children and fine with other dogs too.

The picture I’ve attached is from last Saturday, up a hill called Shuttlingsloe. This morning we have taken him to Delamere Forest with the neighbours dog and he loved it!!  Unfortunately, he had to have a bath when he got back which he didn’t like so much!!

We are all really pleased we chose Kipper. He is a fantastic family pet and so obedient and well trained. We feel like we’ve had him forever – he is a real part of this family, so thank you!!!

October 2012


Moscow the Russian Dwarf Hamster has now settled in to his new home.

Moscow was a stray that was captured by a cat and was brought to the RSPCA Warrington.

He is now safe and happy, enjoying his new life – he loves his food and playing with his toys.

November 2011


When we first met Dixie she was so shy that she spent all of her time hidden under her blanket. Since coming home a month ago she has really come out of herself. Her favourite place during the day is on the sitting room window ledge. However at night she likes it on top of our fish tank. When the tank light is on she is facinated by the fish and will often sit and stare at them before leaping up onto the top and climbing into a cloth bread basket and falling asleep! She now has 3 beds; a proper cat bed, a cardboard box under the coffee table and the bread basket! She is also in training for the cat olympics. When it is quite (late evening or early morning) and there is only one person around she will race round the downstairs and has been known to go skidding round the corner into the kitchen.

Our only regret is that we didn’t get her sooner!

November 2011

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