We Won!

Thank you so much for voting for us to become the local charity of the year for Sainsbury’s Chapelford.

We are a local branch of the RSPCA which means we are a separately registered charity form the RSPCA National Society and we need to raise our own funds.

We have a special role caring for cats and dogs that have experienced abuse, neglect and cruelty. We care for and rehabilitate the animals while the prosecutions against their owners move through courts.

This means we care for some very damaged animals, both emotionally and physically, and have the added challenge of meeting their welfare needs in a kennel and cattery environment for prolonged periods of time.

Once animals are either signed over or we win their cases in court, they are usually transferred to other branches for this stage of the process. So, we can make room for another cat or dog.

We need funds to help us provide any necessary veterinary care, and the equipment and resources for the animal’s rehabilitation.

For example, Poppy was brought to our branch by RSPCA inspectors. She was removed due to an untreated leg injury, but had also previously suffered burns to a large area of her back, thought to have been caused by bleach. Her skin was still tender and her fur will not regrow completely, and she needed care to stop her back becoming sore but she always kept her gentle and fun personality. Following the resolution of her case, she was transferred to the RSPCA Macclesfield branch to find her home. It did not take long for a family to fall in love and adopt her. We receive updates from them and she’s living very happily now.

The opportunity to be the local charity of the year for Sainsbury’s Chapelford provides a huge boost to our fundraising. It will be crucial in helping us rehabilitate the animals in our care and give more animals, like Poppy, a second chance.

Thank you for your support.

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