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Lost and Found Animal Contacts

Local councils (dog wardens)

Warrington Council Dog Warden – telephone 01925 442599 (0845 241 7253 outside office hours)
Halton Council Dog Warden – telephone 0151 907 8300
St Helens Council Lost Dog Register – telephone 01744 456338


DogLost – reuniting dogs with their owners –

Animal Search UK –

UK National Missing Pet Database –

Care for Wild Animals

Wild animals should not be kept as pets but sometimes you may come across injured animals or abandoned youngsters.

If this happens, have a look at What to do with orphaned animals or What to do with injured animals.

As soon as you can, take the animal to the nearest vet. All vets will provide free treatment for a sick or injured wild animal or bird (including pigeons).

If you have the time and transport, you could take the animal to Stapeley Grange RSPCA Wildlife Centre in Nantwich, Cheshire, where it will receive specialist care and rehabilitation.

Animal health

The RSPCA national website contains a wealth of information and areas of interest – Animal Care (including wildlife advice), Science Group and more.

Pets Get Slim Do you have a fat dog or cat? Well you’re not alone – half of Britain’s dogs and cats are now overweight! But help is at hand – the RSPCA has joined forces with TV vet Joe Inglis to help you to help your pet lose weight.

Welfare in dog training A website providing information about the behaviour of dogs, the possible consequences of using aversive training techniques, and where to go for appropriate advice on training and behaviour issues.

Campaigning for Animal Welfare

RSPCA’s YouTube channel Subscribe to the national society’s channel to see their latest TV adverts and campaigns.

Political Animal The RSPCA has outlined the main animal welfare issues that we want political parties to address in their manifestoes. Support and influence our campaigns.

PAW – Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (Defra) A multi-agency body comprising representatives of the organisations involved in wildlife law enforcement in the UK. It provides opportunities for statutory and non-Government organisations to work together to combat wildlife crime.

CAWF – Community Animal Welfare Footprints This RSPCA scheme aims to reward and promote good practice in animal welfare by local authorities and housing providers in England and Wales and recognises organisations that have gone above and beyond their basic service requirements to ensure higher animal welfare standards.


RSPCA education website for teachers Free tried and tested curriculum-linked resources written by teachers. There are more than 90 different lesson ideas with teacher and pupil factsheets, pupil activity sheets and engaging photos and pictures.

Breaking the Chain provides an interactive set of activities that help young people consider what happens when people are cruel to animals. Warning: some of the real-life case studies may be upsetting.

For Children

The Den The RSPCA website for children and teens. Lots of information as well as the Animal Action Club (for under 12s), Young Photographer Awards, competitions and games.

RSPCA education interactive 8 interactive sections to help children learn about the RSPCA (its work, the jobs, the work of volunteers, and what woulld happen if it didn’t exist) and animal needs (looking after sick/injured animals, what makes a good pet, what makes a good pet owner, what laws protect animals).

Creature Features Find out more about your favourite animals using this site from National Geographic. Explore the rest of this site for lots of activities and interesting info.

Kid Territory A range of fun animal-related games, recipes, crafts and science experiments on the San Diego Zoo website.

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