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Sponsor a dog kennel, cat pen or rabbit run at the animal centre

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How you can make a difference

From as little as £3 per month you can join our Safe Haven sponsors and give vital support to the work of your local animal centre. Complete the sponsorship form and return to us at the RSPCA Warrington Animal Centre.

A message from “Chesney” Coronation Street (actor Sam Aston seen here pictured with his cat Poppy):

As an animal lover, I am delighted to be the patron of the Safe Haven scheme at the RSPCA Warrington Animal Centre. Animals here are given a second chance to find a new home with loving and caring owners. By sponsoring a kennel, cat pen or rabbit run from as little as £3 per month you will enable more animals, who may have been the victims of cruelty and abuse, to be helped.


How do I become a Safe Haven sponsor?

Signing up is easy, the hardest part is deciding which to choose:  Dog Kennel, Cat Pen or Rabbit Run

You can sponsor in your name, or as a gift for someone else, or even in memory of someone or a pet. Sponsorship starts at £3 per month but you can give more if you wish.

Complete the sponsorship form and return to the RSPCA Warrington Animal Centre.

We will reward your kindness by:

  • Displaying the sponsor’s name on our sponsors’ board and next to the kennel, pen or run that has been sponsored
  • Giving you a Safe Haven car sticker
  • Giving you a Safe Haven certificate

Please consider becoming a Safe Haven sponsor. Your support will help us to continue our work

All in a day’s work (why we need your help)

Each year, RSPCA Warrington Animal Centre cares for many hundreds of animals that have been found abandoned or injured or have been victims of cruelty and abuse. Here are some of our stories


We thought that we had seen everything here at the Warrington RSPCA Centre and that nothing could shock us again; then we saw Lucy.

Following up on a report from the public, one of our inspectors found a three year old dog so badly neglected she was barely recognisable as a dog at all.

She had never been groomed and her coat was totally matted; never been exercised so her claws were like horns curling round and back into her feet. Her eyes were both infected with conjunctivitis. She was in pain and miserable.

A vet treated the infections, her matted coat was removed and her claws trimmed. She was transferred to the Warrington Animal Centre for much needed TLC; something she had never had before.

Lucy was found to be a Cocker Spaniel. The staff loved her and as she grew in health and confidence over the few months she was with us, she became a real favourite. Eventually, restored to full health and looking as a dog should, complete with waggy tail, she was adopted by a caring and loving family.

Lucy and so many like her would have no hope of the better life that they deserve, if not for the work of the local RSPCA team.

Please help by sponsoring one of our kennels: Dovedale, Patterdale, Eskdale, Borrowdale, Ennerdale or Grizedale

An injured cat

We received a telephone call from a member of the public who had been feeding and looking out for a semi feral cat living in his neighbourhood. He was concerned that the cat had a badly injured and infected tail. He also suspected that the cat might be pregnant.

Animal Collection Officers were duly despatched to bring the cat in, but she would not be caught. Never ones to give up, the trusty officers went back time and time again until she was caught and brought in to the centre.

The tail was examined and was so badly damaged and infected it had to be amputated and sure enough; yes, she was pregnant. Pretty soon, five healthy kittens were born. The kittens were all looked after by mum and the staff, until, at eight weeks old, they were found caring and loving homes.

Mum was neutered and when she was fit and well again, was returned to her old patch and to her original carer where she is still living happily, if minus a tail!

Please help by sponsoring one of our cat pens: Windermere, Grasmere, Coniston, Ullswater, Thirlmere or Derwent.

Early one morning when staff arrived at the centre, they found an old cardboard box that had been dumped by the gates. Inside the box were five rabbits… lucky for them that the staff found them before the local foxes did.

The rabbits were duly taken in and cared for. However, one of the females was found to be pregnant and soon after, six baby rabbits arrived.

Happily, new homes were found for the five abandoned rabbits and the six babies were found new and caring homes at eight weeks old.

A happy ending to the rabbits tale. Who knows what might have happened to these and many other abandoned animals without the dedication of staff at the RSPCA Warrington Animal Centre and the generosity of supporters.

Please help by sponsoring our rabbit run: Hill Top


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