Regular giving 

Our centre specialises in looking after cruelly treated and neglected dogs and cats which are bought to us by RSPCA inspectors. These animals cannot be rehomed until they are signed over to the RSPCA following legal proceedings. During this time though, we rehabilitate, train, care for and give love and affection to these animals.

Unfortunately, because of the legal side of cruelty and neglect cases, we have to safeguard the anonymity of the animals and their plights in order to protect them, and as such can’t tell you about who we’ve got in our care at any one time. But they are here and we are working so hard to care for them.

Do you think you can help us to care for the animals in our centre by giving regularly? Any amount would be greatly appreciated and will go towards the care and rehabilitation of our animals. Without your generosity we wouldn’t be able to provide the support the animals need.

We are a separately registered branch of the RSPCA and are primarily responsible for raising funds locally.

Regular monthly donations ensure our branch has a regular source of income, so if you are considering donating to our branch please consider giving is a regular monthly donation.  It’s simple and easy to regularly give to us.  Simply click on the button below.  Thank you!

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