*NOW AT RSPCA MACCLESFIELD BRANCH*Lovely Lola is searching for her forever home.











Lola is a white, female Staffordshire Bull Terrier, roughly 2-3 years of age. She is a very lovely girl who loves be on the move but also loves cuddles, she will give you her belly at any opportunity she can. Lola loves to play with toys such as frozen Kongs and originally came into the centre due to being abandoned by her previous owner, how anyone could of left this sweet, happy girl is beyond all of us.

We are looking for a home with no children under the age of 16 due to her giddy nature. It would be desirable for Lola to be the only pet in the home so she can be given the time and attention she deserves. Lola would appreciate someone with an active lifestyle due to her still being young.

From the day she arrived at the centre she was trusting and affectionate towards all the staff and volunteers. Her behaviour towards other dogs is very giddy but unfortunately we haven’t done any close introductions with her. We have however been walking her with other dogs and she has been really well behaved. She does bark a little when she first see’s another dog but is very food focused and works well for treats. Lola does pull slightly on the lead, more when you first get her out of the kennel, but she will settle down soon after.  She is walked on a harness as we feel this is easy for her while out and about. Lola is a typical young, excitable, loving staff and if you feel that you could be the right forever home for her please email admin on with a filled out perfect match form. Perfect match form DOGS AND PUPPIES

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Could you be Freddy’s perfect match?

Unfortunately, Freddy had a very rough start to life after living with an abusive owner, this has led to him needing surgery followed by hydrotherapy on his back leg to help with his rehabilitation. He will benefit from further courses of hydrotherapy in the future to minimise the impact of his injury.

Freddy was only a pup when he first came into our care after being repeatedly beaten, and considering how badly he was treated he has bounced back from it amazingly. Luckily for Freddy, one of our amazing foster carers took him in and since that day things started to look up for him as he’s learnt many new skills with his foster family.

As a result of his severe beating, Freddy is a little wary around some strangers, and the introduction to any new people would need to be taken slowly, making sure both you and Freddy are comfortable.

We are looking for an experienced owner who is able to see potential in this young, excitable boy. You will need to have time to commit to training him using all reward based methods and will follow the instructions and guidance given in his training plan regarding managing his environment and new experiences. We are looking for someone with a fairly calm lifestyle who enjoys walking and really wants to give Freddy the forever home he deserves.

It could be possible for Freddy to live with other dogs, as he has four friends at his current foster home but introductions will be needed. Freddy needs to go to a child free home, not because he has an issue with children but because he needs a calm stable environment and gradual introductions to new people, which is less easy to achieve in a busy family home.

Freddy is a very playful dog that absolutely loves all toys, especially his ball. He will chase and retrieve any toy you throw for him and happily give it back to you. With the right training Freddy has the potential to learn so much more, he already responds to his name on recall as well as being able to sit and give his paw.

If you think you are the right person for Freddy, can give him the time, attention and training required please contact us via email – with a completed perfect match form from our website. Perfect match form DOGS AND PUPPIES

Watch this video to see Freddy playing with his ball – IMG_0908

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