Special Appeal: Freddy Seeks His Forever Home

Freddy had a very rough start to life, being badly beaten as a young puppy before being rescued by RSPCA Inspectors.

Following surgery and a course of hydrotherapy, Freddy made an amazing recovery and his previous injury currently has no impact on his mobility or activity levels.  He may benefit from further hydrotherapy as he ages.

Given Freddy’s appalling start in life, he has made an amazing recovery, both physically and emotionally.  Freddy was fortunate to be placed in a foster home with a highly experienced volunteer foster carer, so has lived in a home environment from a young age where he has learnt basic training, house training and how to interact with other dogs within the family.

Not surprisingly, Freddy’s experience has left him a little wary around some strangers, and introductions to new people need to be taken slowly.

We are looking for an experienced owner who is able to see potential in this young, excitable boy. You will need to put time into training him using reward based methods and will need to follow the instructions and guidance given in his training plan to manage his environment and new experiences. We are looking for a quiet home environment with an active owner to give Freddy the chance he deserves to be in a permanent, loving home.

It could be possible for Freddy to live with other dogs, as he has four friends at his current foster home. We’re looking for a child-free home, not because he has an issue with children but because he needs a calm stable environment and gradual introductions to new people, which is less easy to achieve in a busy family home.

Freddy is a very playful dog that loves toys, especially his ball. He will chase and retrieve any toy you throw and happily give it back to you. With the right training Freddy has the potential to learn so much more, he already responds to his name on recall as well as being able to sit and give his paw.

If you think you are the right person for Freddy, can give him the time, attention and training required please contact us via email – admin@rspca-whs.org.uk with a completed perfect match form from our website. Perfect match form DOGS AND PUPPIES

Watch this video to see Freddy playing with his ball – IMG_0908

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