Volunteer Collectors Needed


Could you offer an hour or so of your time to help with either of our collection days? All the dogs and cats in our care are brought to us by the RSPCA Inspector because their owners have cruelly treated or neglected them; all of them need some form of veterinary treatment or special care during their stay with us.  Fundraising is therefore vital to pay for the treatment and care of these special animals.  If you can spare just an hour then get in touch.

 If you can spare just an hour then please get in touch.  Contact: fundraising@rspca-whs.org.uk


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Lovely Leah needs a home


Leah is 3 years old and has a quiet nature, but is very affectionate and will happily receive gentle strokes. The more she gets to know you the more relaxed she becomes. As a family pet, she will need to live with older children only, as she is a little timid in new situations. To make an appointment to meet lovely Leah, send an email to – rehoming@rspca-whs.org.uk


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Phoebe is wishing for a new home


Dainty little Phoebe loves her cuddles and will nuzzle up close while purring away with delight. This pretty young girl should be quick to settle into her new home. For a closer look and cuddle with Phoebe, send us an email to rehoming@rspca-whs.org.uk


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Gypsy is ready for re-homing

Gypsy 2_edited-1

8 month old Gypsy is a playful and fun-loving girl, with a pleasant nature. From a bad start in life and now stuck in kennels, she deserves to find a permanent, loving home. Training Hilary should be a fun and positive experience, she’ll also be fine to live with another dog and should bond quickly with her new owners. If interested, email us at – rehoming@rspca-whs.org.uk


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Hilary is hoping to find a new home


This lovely lady is the most docile and mellow of dogs, but also has a fun-side. Her life so far hasn’t been too good, yet she waits patiently for a home to call her own. At 8 months old Hilary is eager to learn new skills, she’ll enjoy living with another dog, and will make a devoted and obedient companion. To meet Hilary, send an email to – rehoming@rspca-whs.co.uk


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Nancy would love a new home

Nancy sit

Six month old Nancy is an energetic pup who is always game for playtime. She has the typical American Bulldog traits of being friendly, happy and lovable, plus assertiveness and confidence. When fully grown Nancy will be large in size, therefore, positive reward based training is a must. Nancy needs to go to an owner who has experience of the breed and would be willing to put in the time needed to train her. If you would like to meet Nancy, please email – rehoming@rspca-whs.org.uk


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Handsome Hector needs a home



After spending some time at the centre, Hector is now ready and waiting to find his forever home. This handsome young boy enjoys gentle strokes but requires a home with no young children as he can be slightly timid. Tasty treats are the way to go in speeding up the bonding process with his new owners, and during the settling in period Hector would prefer his litter tray to be clean at all times, as he can be a bit fussy! To arrange to meet Hector send us an email to – rehoming@rspca-whs.org.uk


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Staff sky dive in aid of our branch!

Five staff members from RSPCA Warrington, Halton, St Helens are doing their part for the animal charity by doing a sky dive!!

John, Dani, Connor, Sophie and Kate are all employed by the branch and want to raise funds to help improve the branch and allow more support for the animals. Some of the funds will go towards staff development to keep our staff up to date with standards and procedures allowing for the best care possible for our animals. Other funds will go towards the general running of the centre, toys, beds, and walking and agility equipment for our animals.

Animals in our centre have usually been the victim of cruelty or neglect so please give generously.

Click here to go to our Just Giving page to donate now

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Thank you Charley!

What a way to brighten up a rainy day!…A visit from young Charley Harrison certainly brightened up the animals’ day!!
8 year old Charley very kindly sold all of this years Easter eggs, some of her DVDs and other personal items… Raising the branch a staggering – wait for it – £100!!!!!!
A huge thank you to Charley – a young hero that our animals well and truly need :):)

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Animals for Rehoming

We now only take animals brought into the centre by RSPCA Inspectors which have been taken from their owners because they have been cruelly treated. Occasionally some of these animals become available for rehoming. When this happens we will put up the animal’s details on our website and Facebook pages to try to find them a home as quickly as possible. We don’t generally open to the public anymore so if you want to look at any available animals you will need to make an appointment – you can contact us by email – rehoming@rspca-whs.org.uk.

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