Debs the doberman is desperate for a foster home

Debs1 Debs 3 Debs 4] Debs 5

Meet Debs a 4 year old Doberman who came to us in a horrific state. Poor Debs was found so emaciated that the RSPCA Inspector that rescued her didn’t think she would survive the journey to the hospital. Poor Debs could barely stand and had huge pressure sores on her hips that were open and bleeding.  She has likely endured months of neglect and would have certainly perished if neighbours hadn’t spotted her and called the RSPCA out to her aid.

Debs has always been a pleasure to look after in the kennels, and now that she is well on the road to recovery we would like to find her a nice family to rest and re cooperate with.  As Debs still has a way to go before she is fully recovered, she will require temporary ongoing care for a further few months. We are looking for a family to foster Debs initially. She could be adopted by this same family once shes fully recovered.  While she remains as a fostered dog, the branch will supply her food and will help any fosterer with maintaining a feeding plan, supply any veterinary treatment she requires and provide all/any equipment needed.

As she has been starved for a prolonged period of time, Debs does have quite an interest in finding and consuming food. She is able to find the smallest crumb known to man and will put a huge amount of effort into attaining every morsel.  She will require a patient and experienced family to help her adjust to a loving home, while being able to keep a watchful eye on her as she is a determined bin raider!

Debs is a lovely friendly girl who is desperate to be loved. She has lived with another dog previously so would likely be able to live with a new brother or sister.  As Debs does require some training we are searching for a home with children over the age of 10, where the adopter will be around for most of the day.

For further information about fostering, or to meet Debs please contact

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Little Rosie needs a home

rose toes]# Rosie tugRosie is a very pretty 5 year old Staffordshire bull terrier who is looking for a new loving family. Rosie entered our care as a cruelty case, after being abandoned by her previous owner. Poor Rosie was left all alone in a room for 5 days before being discovered. She had been left no food or water and had her mouth was sealed tightly with  muzzle preventing her from calling out for help.  Thankfully Rosie was found and is now well on her way to recovery.

Rosie is a very happy little girl who loves human attention. She likes to play football and loves engaging her human friends in a game of tug. It is obvious to us that Rosie has never been looked after properly and has likely never been taught how to behave in a home or around other dogs. As such we are looking for a reasonably experienced owner who is confident that they can help little Rosie recover from her terrifying ordeal. Rosie will require a new owner that is around a lot at first as she carosie siden understandably become a little distressed when left alone for long periods of time, she will need gentle introduction to socializing with other dogs and help to feel a little more at ease.

We feel that Rosie would be better suited to a adult only home. Families with children over the age of 15 without any other dogs or cats would be preferred.

With a little bit of help from a new owner, Rosie will make a lovely companion for somebody.

For more information about Rosie, or to book an appointment to come and meet her please email


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Could you be Lou be the one for you?

LouieLouie is a big and bouncy 3 year old American Bulldog who came to us after being sadly neglected by his previous family. Poor Louie was left abandoned by his previous owner in a house, without access to any food or water in a filthy and unsuitable environment. Neighbours helped keep this lad alive by feeding him through the letterbox.

It is evident that Louie has never received any sort of training in his previous home, something which staff and volunteers have been working very hard on during his stay. Louie can get very excited when he is taken out for a walk, and will jump up and grab at the lead. As long as you are confident and do not reward him for his bad behaviour he soon clocks on to how he is supposed to behave. Advice and information on training Louie will be provided by the branch if needed.

Louie is a great lad who is a bit of a comedian, his favourite past times are running around in our paddocks and jumping up and over things. Louie would likely love doggy agility, something that a potential adopter could explore as a way of giving Louie some structure and an opportunity to run off some steam.

Louie has previously lived with children, but as he is quite energetic we are looking for families with children over the age of 12 years only. Louie appears to like other dogs and would likely enjoy some structured play with some new doggy friends. As Louie does require some training, we are looking for a single dog household for the time being so that he can finally be the centre of attention.happy louie

As Louie’s cruelty case was so shocking he may in fact be featured on channel 5’s “dog rescuers” in the future, any new owner will have the opportunity to show his cheeky face off to the world and show us all how far he has come.

If you would like to meet our budding star, or for more information, please contact

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Our four ginger boys are looking for new homes

Meet our gang of recent arrivals, four lovely ginger lads all looking for forever homes. Norman, Walter, Vincent and Raymond all came to us as cruelty cases after being rescued from a home containing lots of other cats, all of which had sadly not received the love and affection they truly deserve.

These very handsome chaps were quite scared when they first arrived but are settling down quickly and making friends with all the staff and volunteers here at the centre. They are all now fit and healthy and are searching for some lucky people to snuggle up to.


















Norman, nicknamed “Nervous Norman” because of his permanently surprised expression, is just under a year old. He is a semi longhaired cat who enjoys a good scratch behind the ears. He’s a happy and confident lad who can’t wait for a home to call his own.

Walter, is nicknamed “Worried Walter”. Despite his worried expression, he is a very friendly and affectionate 2 year old cat. Walter adores human affection and is looking for a home where he will get plenty of fuss.

Vincent is a cute and cuddly 12 month old cat. He loves to run up to greet you by rubbing around your ankles. He’s a very friendly cat who can’t wait to find a family to get up to mischief with. Vincent is adventurous in nature, so would likely prefer a home where he could have access to the outdoors.

Raymond is a 3 year old very handsome chap. He is a bit of a smooth operator and is more than happy to greet everyone he meets. Raymond is a big softie who loves a cuddle, he would love a home where he would have a doting owner and a warm knee to curl up on.

All the boys above have previously lived with other cats so would likely settle into a multi cat household with ease.

For more information or to book an appointment to meet any of these lads, please email

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Ren and Stimpy need a home!

Ren Ren (2)StimpyStimpy 2
















Ren and Stimpy are two brothers looking for a forever home together. They both came to us as part of a cruelty case after being abandoned by their previous owner.

Both boys are just over a year old and have lovely temperaments. They adore interacting with humans, Ren in particular will climb on to you for a fuss.

Ren and Stimpy are looking for a home where they will get plenty of love and affection along with the opportunity to play outside. They are funny little characters who will supply their new owners hours of entertainment.

Both boys are vaccinated, micro – chipped, neutered and up to date with their flea and worming treatments.

To meet the gruesome twosome please email

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**reserved** Lucy and Lola need a home







IMG_1455 (1)

Meet the lovely Lucy and Lola, the daring duo. These beautiful girls have a had a hard start in life, they were beaten and neglected by their previous owner. Luckily they were rescued and now have the chance to find a loving family. Despite the horrifying abuse, Lucy and Lola are very friendly and loving girls, always happy to greet you in return for a cuddle and a tickle behind the ears. We suspect that Lucy and Lola are mother and daughter, they are completely devoted to each other, often sleeping curled up together in the same bed. As such we would prefer to keep them together.

Lucy is the older, around two years old. She is a little more shy than Lola but soon warms up to calm people. Lola is more outgoing at around 7 months old and wants to be friends with everyone, especially if you have treats!

The dynamic duo are neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. If you think you can offer them a loving home, please email

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Lovely Lacey needs a home

Lacey Lacey IMG_1309 Lacey


This beautiful girl is 2 year old Lacey. Lacey was abandoned by her previous owner and is now looking for her forever home. Lacey is a cheeky girl who loves cuddles and is not afraid to tell you when she wants more. Asyou can see she loves pulling funny faces for the camera. Due to the nature of her case, we do not know much about Lacey’s past. However, she is a cheerful healthy girl, just looking for a loving home. As with all our cats, Lacey is neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. To meet Lacey, please email

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We presently have one vacancy for a Branch Manager to work from our animal centre in Slutchers Lane, Warrington. We are ideally looking for someone with a management qualification and knowledge of RSPCA standards and procedures. We have one charity shop, the animal centre and a first aid clinic. Previous similar experience very much preferred . Must be passionate about animal welfare, willing to bring together and lead staff and volunteers as a team, promote and support volunteering and to lead the branch in its fundraising activities. We are looking for someone able to think strategically and to deliver the Branch’s business plan with a keen understanding of financial issues. Salary £25,000 to £30,000 depending upon experience. To apply, please forward your CV to Closing date is 28th September. Interviews will be held on Saturday 3rd October.

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**Reserved** Fabulous Florence wants a Forever Home

IMG_1294 IMG_1295 IMG_1292


This stunning young lady is Florence. She was one of many cats subjected to severe neglect in her previous home. Florence is a dainty girl, aged around 2 years old. Despite being neglected all of her life she still maintains a curious and friendly spirit. Florence loves nothing more than to flounce around her pen looking for cuddles.

For more information or to meet Florence, please email or use our contact form

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Rebel needs a home

RebelLittle Rebel is a very pretty domestic short haired cat. We estimate her age to be around 3 – 4 years. Rebel was rescued from a multi cat household containing 20 other cats, she was confined to a small room receiving little or no love and attention for the majority of her life. Due to Rebel’s very unfortunate start in life she has found it very difficult to settle into cattery life, she is frightened of all the new sights and smells.

When she first arrived all she wanted to do was hide herself away choosing not to interact with people and keeping herself to herself. Since being in our care she has improved somewhat and can now be seen moving around her pen and will come up to you for a tasty treat or her dinner. With a little patience and a few treats, Rebel soon relaxes, allowing you to make a fuss of her. She loves her chin being scratched!

Rebel is in desperate need of a loving and patient cat lover who will help her to overcome her insecurities. She needs somebody who will be patient enough to give her time to settle.

We feel Rebel would suit a quiet home and could live with another calm cat.

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