*RESERVED*Could you be notorious Nigel’s perfect match?




Nigel is a lovely little Yorkshire terrier cross breed, he is 10 years old but still so full of life, you would never be able to tell his age as he is so young at heart. Nigel unfortunately has not had the best life, before he came to us as he was abandoned by his previous owners, tied up and left in the cold, outside. Luckily he was found and brought into RSPCA care.

When Nigel first arrived at the centre he was very scared and frightened of everyone due to his tough start in life, he looked very neglected and had a bad skin condition on arrival. Due to this he will require being on small amounts of medication for the foreseeable future to help him stay fit and healthy.

After a lot of love and care from all the staff, vet and volunteers Nigel is now a gorgeous looking dog, back to health, full of life and a very happy chap indeed.

He loves sitting down and having cuddle time as well as having fun in our paddocks. Nigel would be best suited to a home with no cats and would prefer to be the only dog in the home. We feel Nigel would also be best suited to a home without young children.

If you think you could be the right home for Nigel and give him the love he deserves please email us at – rehoming@rspca-whs.org.uk, or call us on 01925 632944.

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Big Walkies

8 weeks to go 3

Come and join us on Sunday 18th September at Sankey Valley Park for the biggest WALK EVER!

You can join us on a 3k or 5k walk with your four-legged friend or if you don’t have a dog but would still love to spend the afternoon with 100 dogs then you are very welcome to sign up too.

It is £10 to register (£5 extra for a second dog) and we ask that you try to raise as much sponsorship money as you can.

Registration starts at 12pm, walk starts at 1pm.

You will receive a t-shirt on the day and your dog will get a very stylish bandana!

To sign up click here- http://www.rspca.org.uk/bigwalkies/warrington

Ben3 (2)


3 weeks to go 5

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*RESERVED*Charming Crystal needs a place to call home



Crystal is looking for a new home as her previous owner is no longer able to care for her.

Lovely Crystal is a delightful and sweet natured little lady. To begin with she was a little shy, but soon settled and enjoys nothing more than sitting on your lap enjoying non-stop fuss and strokes. Her beautiful yellow eyes stand out magnificently against her silky black fur, and she has the quietest of purrs.

Two year old Crystal is best suited to a quiet home.

To offer Crystal a home, please email us at – rehoming@rspca-whs.co.uk, or call 01925 632944



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*RESERVED*Snuggly Squiggles is so wanting a new home

squags one

Squogs oneSquigs one
Squiggles was abandoned by her owner and left all alone for days in an empty property until the landlord finally found her.

This lovely 3 year old has an intense need for comforting affection, she shows her love with kitten-like behaviour by suckling on your clothes, along with a gentle pawing action when being stroked. Squiggles enjoys nothing more than a cosy snuggle and making herself comfortable on your lap. This is a cat that just wishes to be near you, and will be your devoted friend for years to come.

To visit Squiggles, please email us at – rehoming@rspca-whs.org.uk, or call us on 01925 632944.

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Are you Fabulous Freddy’s perfect match?



Freddy is a very clever, 1 year old, male crossbreed with a heart of gold. Unfortunately Freddy had a very rough start to life after living with an abusive owner, this has led to him needing surgery followed by hydrotherapy on his back leg to help with his rehabilitation. He will benefit from further courses of hydrotherapy in the future to minimise the impact of his injury.

Freddy was only a pup when he first came into our care after being repeatedly beaten, and considering how badly he was treated he has bounced back from it amazingly. Luckily for Freddy, one of our amazing foster carers took him in and since that day things started to look up for him as he’s learnt many new skills with his foster family.

Freddy is best suited to a home with no cats, but with the right introduction we believe he could live with another dog(s). As a result of his severe beating, Freddy is a little wary around some men, and the introduction to any new male would need to be taken slowly, making sure both you and Freddy are comfortable. We also feel Freddy would be best in an adult only home due to his nervousness.

Freddy is a very playful dog that absolutely loves all toys, he will chase and retrieve any toy you throw for him and happily give it back to you. With the right training Freddy has the potential to learn so much more, he already responds to his name on recall as well as being able to sit and give his paw. As Freddy has spent a lot of time in a foster home he is already toilet trained. He would benefit from regular short walks.

If you think you could be Freddy’s perfect match and give him the life and love he deserves please email – rehoming@rspca-whs.org.uk, or Tel: 01925 632944

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John Oakley’s 100 Mile Kayak Challenge: One man for the dogs

max7RSPCA WHS volunteer, John Oakley is taking on an EPIC challenge for us. He is going to kayak from Hull to Warrington, a total of nearly 100 MILES in memory of his Dad. He will be joined by a former resident of our kennels, Max. Max was abandoned by his owner and through no fault of his own stayed in our centre for over a year. John and Kei Oakley gave him the loving home he deserves and he will now accompany John on his journey.

John will begin his challenge on Sunday 18th September, which would have been his Dad’s 81st birthday. He plans to finish around 1pm on Saturday 24th September at the London Bridge Inn, Appleton. We would love a crowd to gather to welcome him home.

John will be travelling for 6 days and sleeping overnight in a tent alongside the canals he’s travelling through. He will be kayaking for around 8 hours per day and travelling roughly 17 miles per day to achieve his target.

John told us, ‘I want to do something to help the dogs at the RSPCA centre in Warrington. My wife, Kei, and I volunteer at the centre and have witnessed the fantastic work they do and we love to see the difference a few weeks of love and care can make to their lives.

It is going to be an extremely challenging journey but I know my Dad will be proud of me and I hope to raise plenty of money for the RSPCA and the dogs they care for.’

Please sponsor John and Max now. Visit https://www.justgiving.com/John-Oakley3 to give your donation.

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**NOW AT ALTRINCHAM BRANCH**Ken is keen to find a new home

Ken new againKen lap one

Ken was sadly abandoned by his owner and left in a small plastic box in the pouring rain. He is estimated to be about 4 years old.

This delightful boy has a placid and gentle nature. Always stretching and rolling around when being given a fuss, and gives real cuddles with his front paws. He likes to snuggle up close on your lap to be smothered with love and affection, although, once on your lap, he’s there to stay!

For anyone wanting a super-friendly and affectionate companion, please email us at – rehoming@rspca-whs.org.uk, or Tel: 01925 632944

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Would you like to be a trustee?

Would you like to use your management or business skills to help our animals? We are always looking for trustees. Please contact cathy.mitchell@rspca-whs.org.uk to find out more. http://rspca-whs.org.uk/trustees/

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*Now at RSPCA Macclesfield* Zuzana needs a house in which to mouse



Four year old Zuzana is a lovely girl looking for a special home. Zuzana came to us as a cruelty case a few months back, she was very scared and would hide herself away all day, peeping out of her blanket every now and again to check that the coast was clear before exploring.

After a while in our care Zuzana came out of her shell and is very happy to wander around her pen, take treats and have a little fuss. Zuzana is quite an independent cat who likes to do her own thing. As such, we believe that she would be much happier living in an understanding home where she can come and go as she pleases.

Zuzana definitely has cattitude, and would gladly mouse for a house any day of the week!

To meet Zuzana, please call – 01625 669620, or email – felines@rspca-macclesfield.org.uk.

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