Huggable Harry would love a new home

Harry newHarry jr new

Sadly, Harry’s owner is no longer able to care for him. He is 9 years old.

Harry Just wants to be loved and to feel safe and secure, but being in kennels at this troubling time has left him feeling sad and vulnerable, so extra love and support is being given by staff and volunteers. Once away from the kennel environment Harry becomes more relaxed and content, seeking out any member of staff willing to give him some attention, also with the possibility of being given a tasty treat.

We would prefer a quieter home for Harry, so he can quickly settle and enjoy being a part of a family once again.

Please email your interest in offering Harry a home to –

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Bobby needs a home

Bobby newBobbi new

Through no fault of his own, 3 year old Bobby is in need of a new home.

From day one, Bobby has been confident, friendly and affectionate. He enjoys his daily walk and forges ahead with only the odd stop to sniff and investigate along the way. The use of a harness is needed as he has a tendency to pull. Another activity enjoyed by Bobby is a game of fetch but without the retrieve, as he prefers you to chase him to retrieve the ball.

This handsome lad has an outgoing personality, and would do well in even the busiest of households. As Bobby arrived at the centre along with a female dog, he could possibly live with a female after careful introductions, however, we have found him to be a bit too intense with male dogs, therefore feel he is best suited as the only dog in the household.

To meet Bobby, please email us at –

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Elvis needs a place to call home

ElvisElvis one

Elvis was abandoned by his owner, and has now come into our care to find a loving home and live the life he always deserved.

On arrival at the centre, 6 year old Elvis appeared frightened and bewildered, needed reassurance and feeling very sorry for himself, but in no time at all, he’s perked up, and is feeling much more happy and relaxed. When it comes to activity, apart from a good walk, Elvis also enjoys exaggerated play with people, he delights in running to and fro, then jumping on your lap (if you’re sitting down) for praise and a cuddle. He’s fine around other dogs, totally laid-back and chilled, so could easily live with another dog..

Elvis is extremely mild-mannered and affectionate, he will make a loving, devoted and loyal companion.

To adopt Elvis, please email us at –

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Michael is waiting patiently for a new home


Michael was abandoned by his owner and left in poor conditions, and has since had to endure many months of living in kennels.

This handsome lad has an affectionate and friendly temperament, and a need for human companionship, always enthusiastic about meeting new people, and will jump up to say hello. Michael walks steady and calmly on the lead, but can occasionally become excited towards people off lead, this is easily managed by focussing his attention on a game of fetch-retrieve.

Michael could possibly live with a calm female dog after careful introductions.

He is 3 years old.

If interested and would like to get to know Michael better, please email us at –

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*Now re-homed* Maggie needs a place to call her own

Maggie two

Maggie was abandoned by her owner and left in poor conditions, and has since had to endure more than a year of living in kennels.

This lovely lady thrives on human company, taking pleasure in plenty of cuddles and interaction. She enjoys all forms of exercise, whether it be a game of fetch-retrieve, playing football or just a nice long walk.

With her outgoing personality and love of all people, Maggie should settle well and make a great addition to most households.

To make an appointment to visit Maggie, please email us at –

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Stanley is all smiles whilst waiting for a home

Stanley oneStanley two

Stanley was abandoned by his owner and left in poor conditions, and has since had to endure more than a year of living in kennels.

Stanley is a dog to have fun with, he’s full of enthusiasm and energy. He’s a perfect companion for an active family and will gladly join in for a game of football. He likes to run around, but his exercise needs can also be met with a good long walk. As Stanley has a tendency to pull on the lead, he (and his owner) would benefit from the use of a sturdy yet comfortable harness.

He is such a happy boy, and in the right home, with a good mix of exercise, plenty of strong toys, tail-wagging fun and cuddles, he will be a joy to have around.

Stanley could possibly live with another dog.

If you’d like more info or to meet Stanley, please email us at –

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Gorgeous Ginger wants someone to take him home

Now Ginger

This gorgeous guy is Ginger.

Due to the loss of his owner, 4 year old Ginger is in need of a loving home.

His first few days with us were spent hiding away, not even venturing out for some food. A big effort was made to help him adjust to the change in his circumstances, now there’s no stopping him from seeking our attention, and if you stop stroking him he’ll reach out and pat you with his paw until you continue.

He’ll need a home with no young children so he can settle and feel safe. Come and visit Ginger by sending us an email to –

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*Now with RSPCA Crewe and Nantwich District*Sam and Lady would like a home

SamLady dog

These best friends are Sam (Jack Russell) and Lady.

They were moved to the Crewe and Nantwich District Branch on 11th January

Their previous owner was caught on CCTV grabbing Sam by his neck and powerfully throwing him into the front of his yard. Sam was found to have injuries to his back leg including deep skin cuts, while his neck tissue was also damaged where he had been handled. Neighbours informed the incident to the RSPCA amid concerns that Sam was being beaten, so he really has had a rough time of it. Now safe from harm, Sam and Lady are loving the attention they receive, and really enjoy their walks. Lucy could do with improving her manners when she meets other dogs, but this can be worked on. Both dogs have so much love to give that they will make lovely companions for anyone lucky enough to adopt them. Can be re-homed separately.

Please email your interest to –

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Socks needs somewhere to settle


Two year old Socks arrived at the centre along with her sister (Whiskers). She is still unsure of the change in her circumstances, but with a little persuasion she soon warms up to receiving some affection, and becoming more relaxed in your company as the fuss continues.

Socks will need a quieter home to regain her lost confidence, with no small children. If interested in re-homing Socks, or as a pair with Whiskers, please email –

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Whisk Whiskers off to her new home


Whiskers is a two year old female, who arrived at the centre along with her sister (Socks). She has a great temperament, with an extremely affectionate manner, always wanting to be noticed and to have contact with those around her.

If you’re looking for a friendly feline (or two) to share your home, then Whiskers could be just the cat for you. Come and meet with Whiskers by sending us an email to –

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