Pretty Peggy needs a home


Pretty Peggy is a bit camera shy, we don’t understand it, we all think she is beautiful!

Peggy was kept in a small flat with 26 other cats, before being rescued and it has taken a lot of time to  build her confidence. Peggy has a lovely personality and is very cheeky once she gets to know you. She loves cuddles and thinks scratches under her chin are the best.

Peggy is a healthy 12 month old cat that still acts like a kitten. She is looking for a patient home that will give her the time to settle in and show off her cheeky charm.

To meet Peggy please email

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Dotty Dom is ready for a home

dom dom 1



This stunning boy is Dom, a 12 month old Lurcher. Dom has spent nearly his whole life in kennels, after being rescued at 12 weeks old. Sadly his Case has been a long one, but it is now over. As much as we have loved having Dom, we are ready to let him go to a new loving home. Dom is cheeky chap that loves to run and play tug. He also (naughtily) likes to jump up and give kisses.

Dom will need an active home where he can continue his training. Dom loves to chase, so any new owner will need to keep him away from cats and other small animals.

Due to his bouncy nature, Dom can only be rehomed with children over 12.

To meet Dom, please email

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Speedy Sid is looking for a home



Sid is a very handsome 12 month old Lurcher ready for a new home. Poor Sid has been a cruelty case since he was 12 weeks old, but this hasn’t crushed his happy-go-lucky spirit. Sid loves nothing more than to run as fast as he can, once he is tired out he is then ready for cuddles. Sid will need an active home, that is willing to continue his training. Sid loves to chase so any new owner will need to be careful around cats and other small mammals.

Sid is very bouncy so we will not rehome him to children under 12. As with all our animals, Sid is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

To meet Sid, please email

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Little Charlie needs a home

Charlie 6 Charlie 4Charlie is a gorgeous 10 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who has sadly been neglected for the majority of her life so far. Poor Charlie arrived in our care after her previous owners surrendered her and her daughter because they were unable to afford to feed them. Charle was horrifically emaciated, and barely resembled a dog, her nails had curled round into her pads and she was suffering from a very irritating skin condition.

Luckily for Charlie, she is now very happy and very healthy and can now finally begin to search for a family to love and care for her for the rest of her life.  Prior to arriving in RSPCA care Charlie had spent most of her days confined to a crate and was rarely exercised. It has taken months of carefully planned diets and a tailored exercise plan to build Charlie up to where she is today. She walks well on a lead and now knows a few tricks too.

Charlie has previously lived with children from very young ages up to teenagers, so she will slot in perfectly to a family environment. She has also lived with other dogs, however being an older girl she would prefer to have a home to herself in order to get the maximum amount of fuss possible. She prefers quiet/calmer dogs as play mates but will happily walk alongside any dog without an issue. Charlie has never lived with cats, but we don’t think she would mind sharing her home with one as long as they were introduced properly.

If you think you could offer Charlie the home she deserves, please email

Please note we are unable to rehome any animal to families with children under the age of 5, and all adoptions are subject to a home visit.

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Could you help funny face Grace?

the face of gracegracey faceGraceGrace 8

Grace is an 18 month old boxer/american bulldog cross who has had a horrendous start to life. She came into RSPCA care at just 6 months old after being discovered with a fractured left front leg which had been left untreated. Her life in her previous home was filled with torment and neglect, which has unfortunately left lasting scars that only a loving family and some dedicated work can fix. Grace’s cruelty case has been one of the saddest cases we have seen, she has spent over a year in our care whilst we were waiting for the courts to make their decision. Luckily for Grace she has lived in a foster home for most of this time.

Due to Grace’s bad past, she has developed a number of behavioural problems which makes rehoming her very difficult. Any potential owner will need to continue the training that has begun at our centre along with enlisting the help of a qualified behaviourist for support and advice.

Grace feels that she needs to guard her resources, this extends to areas which she may claim –  such as her bed,  she will also guard her food and treats. Lots of work has been done to reduce Graces anxiety surrounding food, however it is still an issue.

Grace requires a home with a very experienced and patient handler who is willing to put in the work to help Grace become a well rounded happy dog.  At her foster home Grace lives with three other dogs (all male) and effectively rules the roost. She greets dogs with good manners and enjoys a good game of chase. We are looking for a home where Grace will either be the only dog in the household, or where there is only one other dog.

Grace walks nicely on a lead and responds to basic commands. She loves to chase a ball and tug games are her favourite.

We would prefer Grace goes to a home with no children, however, homes with children over 16 will be considered.

For more information about Grace, please email

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* Reserved* Could you give Apollo a chance?



Meet this little beauty Apollo. Apollo came into our care as part    of a cruelty case investigation after sadly being abandoned by her  previous owners. She was left to fend for herself, unable to escape  from the house in which she was trapped.

Since arrival it has been apparent that little Apollo has had very  little interaction with people from being a kitten, she was so  scared that she wouldn’t even come out of hiding for food and  treats.

Luckily for Apollo, a volunteer took a shine for her and over the past month all this fuss and attention has enabled her to begin to trust us humans again.

She is a quiet girl who spends most of her days curled up in the sun, being a little reserved she would suit a quieter home with no young children or dogs. Apollo would also suit an indoor home provided she has plenty of places to hide.


Apollo is approximately 2 years old, and is very small for her  age. She would love to find a loving home in which to  complete her recovery. Although shy,  she is a lovely girl who  will purr away as you tickle her chin.

If you think Apollo is the cat you have been searching for,  please email

Please note all adoptions are subject to a home visit, and the RSPCA Warrington are unable to rehome any animal to families with children under the age of 5.












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Volunteer Wildlife Network Drivers Wanted

insp Taylor advert

A new volunteer role has become available to support the RSPCA Inspectors, Welfare Officers and Collection Officers in the North West area based at the RSPCA Inspectorate Office in Wigan Branch by collecting and transporting injured, sick and orphaned wildlife. If this is something you are interested in supporting the RSPCA with, please read the Role Description and Person Specification, then complete the Application Form and return to the address listed on the form by Friday 15th May 2015. We look forward to hearing from you.

Wildlife Network Volunteer Role Description

Wildlife Network Volunteer Person Specification

Wildlife Network Volunteer Application Form


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Dakota is searching for his special someone

dakota 1

This handsome chap is Dakota, an 8 year old husky. Dakota came into our care after being rescued from neglect along with his friend Snowy. Upon arrival Dakota needed all of his nails trimming and was severely malnourished, it has taken months of dedicated work to get him back to a healthy weight. more

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Hettie is looking for a home


This beautiful girl is 8 year old Hettie, a boxer cross.  As you can see, she loves her food, a bit too much! Hettie has slimmed down considerabley after being in our care and is now well on her way to acheiving her beach body ready for summer. more

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* We are on foster* Smudge and Butch are desperate for a Forever Home

smudge 3

Smudge and Butch are a pair of very handsome lads that are desperate for a new home. They weren’t always so handsome; when the boys first came to us they had severe flea allergies, were covered in scabs and bald patches.  Butch is also missing most of his tail. Despite all these issues, they have never been anything but friendly and loving cats.


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