Could you be Tod and Tally’s Perfect Match?



Tod and Tally were abandoned by their owner, and left to fend for themselves in squalid conditions. Luckily, their plight was brought to the attention of the RSPCA, who took them away from that awful environment and brought them to us.

Both Tod and Tally have really come out of their shells whilst with us and are both very loving and gentle natured. Tod is a Male, ginger and white, and Tally is a black and white female. The pair are both 2 years old and can be re-homed together or separately. Both of these super friendly cats have fun personalities and love a cuddle.

If you think you can give Tod and Tally the loving home they deserve, then please email us to, or Tel: 01925 632944

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Beautiful Boris would love a new home


Boris is in need of a new home as his former owner can no longer care for him.

Beautiful Boris has oodles of love and affection to give, and is always on the lookout for some fuss and attention. His body language is always calm and relaxed, including plenty of head rubbing and rolling around on the floor.

With his confident and friendly manner, he should suit most households, and be a joy to have around.

To visit Boris, please email your interest to –, or Tel: 01925 632944

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Cheerful Gypsy is now ready to find a home

Gyps resizeGypsy

When RSPCA inspectors rescued Gypsy from a property along with 3 other dogs and sadly a dog which had already died, she was found to be suffering from a very painful pelvic fracture. After complete bed rest, pain relief and plenty of TLC, Gypsy is now ready and waiting to find her perfect home.

Gypsy is a very happy and enthusiastic little lady, she has a real fondness for people and adores being cuddled and gently stroked. She also likes to play with squeaky balls and has quite a collection of them in her bed.

Nothing would make Gypsy happier than the comfort and joy of a new family and home.

To offer Gypsy a new life, please email us at –, or Tel: 01925 632944

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Tyson’s only wish is for a new home

TysonTyson mobileTy

Tyson was abandoned by his owner and is estimated to be about 18 months old.

Tyson is a fun and active lad who shows enthusiasm for playful games and loves long walks. Squeaky toys are a favourite of his, although they don’t last too long. There is some initial pulling on the lead when out for a walk, but this is to be expected with the confines of kennel life. There’s no end to his enthusiasm for learning new skills, with the aid of treats followed by lots of praise Tyson will sit, wait, down and give paw, he’s currently in training to rollover on command. but as yet, thinks it’s just a cue for belly rubs!

Due to his confident and outgoing nature, Tyson should enjoy a busy household. Tyson can’t be re-homed to a home with cats or rabbits.

If interested in offering Tyson a home, please email –, or Tel: 01925 632944

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Ken is keen to find a new home

Ken new oneKen lap

Ken was sadly abandoned by his owner and left in a small plastic box in the pouring rain. He is estimated to be about 4 years old.

This delightful boy has a placid and gentle nature. Always stretching and rolling around when being given a fuss, and gives real cuddles with his front paws. He likes to snuggle up close on your lap to be smothered with love and affection, although, once on your lap, he’s there to stay!

For anyone wanting a super-friendly and affectionate companion, please email us at –, or Tel: 01925 632944

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Can you give Deirdre a new forever home?

Deirdre sitDeirdre layDeirdre

Deirdre was sadly abandoned by her owner, and left in a small plastic box in the pouring rain. When she was brought to us she had minor health issues but after plenty of TLC from the staff, volunteers and vet she is fit, healthy and ready to go. She is estimated to be about 18 months old.

This pretty little lady loves a fuss and a cuddle, and after a bit of time spent with her giving love and affection, she really warms to you.

Deirdre would be suited to a home with older children and without other cats.

If you think you could give Deirdre a fresh start please email, or Tel: 01925 632944

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Ollie is ready and waiting for a new home

Click here to see a video of Ollie having fun!Ollolliee new

Rescued from an unsuitable environment, Ollie has gone from sad and very frightened to lively and happy-go-lucky in no time at all. No more hiding away from the staff, Ollie now actively seeks our attention, feeling confident and relaxed in our company.

This lovely young lad enjoys a bit of rough play with his female doggy friends, and could possibly benefit living with a female dog. He’s treat orientated which is great for training, and often shows his smiley face.

Due to his sensitive nature, Ollie is best suited to a quiet home with patient and caring owners.

Please email your interest in Ollie to –, or Tel: 01925 632944

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Stanley is wishing for a new home

Stanley tanStan tan

Stanley was abandoned by his owner and is estimated to be about 1 year old.

Stanley is finding the confines of kennel life difficult to cope with making him feel restless and insecure. Although we are seeing big improvements by providing him with plenty of exercise and fun activities which he enjoys. As a young dog he has a lot of energy, but a vigorous game of football (which he loves) soon tires him out,

Stanley is a fun and loveable youngster with great potential in the right home.

To meet Stanley, please email us at –, or Tel: 01925 632944

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*Now Rehomed* Crystal is looking for a loving new home

CrystalCrystal one

Crystal is looking for a new home as her previous owner is no longer able to care for her.

Lovely Crystal is a delightful and sweet natured little lady. To begin with she was a little shy, but soon settled and enjoys nothing more than sitting on your lap enjoying non-stop fuss and strokes. Her beautiful yellow eyes stand out magnificently against her silky black fur, and she has the quietest of purrs. Two year old Crystal is best suited to a quiet home.

To offer Crystal a loving home, please email us at –, or Tel: 01925 632944

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Billy is longing for a forever home

Click here to watch Billy having fun!Billy resizeBilly new Billy big

Rescued from an abusive owner, 18 month old Billy now has the support needed to help him find happiness with a new loving home.

Billy is clever and quick to learn, has a good grasp of basic commands, is light on the lead and easy to control. As he’s treat orientated, this can be used as motivation to teach new skills, providing him with good mental stimulation. He has a friendly and gentle nature, and enjoys a good cuddle. Close contact with other dogs can cause Billy to react, so this is best avoided.

Daily quality time spent with his new family will make Billy a very happy dog indeed.

To offer Billy a home, please email us at – or Tel: 01925 632944

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