Mecko would love a home


Young Mecko is a soppy boy with a quiet purr, and is happy to sit on your knee (or sometimes your shoulders) for a closer hug. Throw him a toy and he’ll happily chase and play, but not for long as he can’t wait for more of those enjoyable strokes he so loves.

Life has not been kind to Mecko.  Poor Mecko has a skin condition that was left untreated when he was abandoned in filthy conditions. Balding and itchy, Mecko was in a sorry state. Luckily Mecko has been recieving treatment for his dermatitis and it is starting to receed.  Although he does have a few bald patches, it doesn’t dampen his lively spirit.

Unfortuantely our vet thinks that this condition will reoccur throughout Mecko’s life. We have been unable to find the trigger for Mecko’s flare ups, but it is most likely the stress of having to live in a cat pen. In a new home we hope that Mecko’s skin condition will calm down massively, but we cannot guarantee this.

Mecko is looking for a special owner who is willing to take on this responsibility. Having Mecko around is sure to give his new owners a great deal of delight and be exceeedingly rewarding. For more information on Mecko’s condition or if you feel you could offer him the loving home he deserves, please email –

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Bashful Ben is looking for a home


Timid Ben is a quiet little kitten. Although happy to hare around his pen with his brother and sisters, Ben is very reserved around humans. Ben needs someone to come and visit him a few times to gain his trust before taking him home. If you think that you have the patience to win Ben’s heart, email

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Freddy is looking for a Home



Gentle Freddy is looking for someone to place his confidence in. Abandoned with his mother and siblings, they were left to fend for themselves. Although shy at first, once Freddy knows you he loves a tickle under the chin. Batting balls across the pen is one of his favourite pastimes, along side jumping on his brother’s head.

If you are willing to take the time to let Freddy get to know you, please email

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Jess needs a Home


DSC01462 DSC01460

This lovely girl is Jess. She has had a rough start in life and so she is still learning to trust people. Initially she is a bit skittish but with patience, she is soon climbing all over you. Jess loves to boss her brothers around, she especially loves pouncing on tails. We would love Jess to go with one of her brothers, but we are also happy for her to go on her own.

If you have the patience to offer Jess a loving home please email

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O’Malley is looking for a Home


O’Malley is a handsome devil searching for a home. Although initially shy with strangers, after a few strokes he is a very loving boy. Abandoned by his former owner, he is looking for someone to provide him with a stable, loving home. If you think you can give O’Malley the home he deserves, please email us at

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Ivy’s ready for a Home

Ivy 2Ivy

Despite being abandoned and left to fend for herself, Ivy is the eternal optimist: every human she meets is a friend bringing treats or cuddles. Ivy is a very friendly young girl with a purr like a tank, looking for her forever home. She would be equally suited to being an indoor or outdoor cat. To meet 2 year old Ivy please email

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Can you give Ellie and Charlie a Home? RESERVED

Ellie and Charlie

Ellie and Charlie- Reserved

Ellie (left) and Charlie (right) have had a hard start in life, abandoned in a cardboard box at just 4 weeks old, they were left to die. Luckily they ended up with us! Now at 11 weeks old they are ready for their forever homes. Ellie and Charlie love nothing more than to run around, then climb on your knee for a cuddle. We would love for them to go together, but we are happy for them to be homed separately. This outgoing little boy and girl will make excellent additions to any home.

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Barry is longing for a home- RESERVED

Barry ball

Football mad and bouncy ball loving Barry is full-of-life and craves affection. He’s great with other dogs, walks well on a harness and responds well to gentle correction if pulls. Barry has shown signs of being worried when left on his own for too long, but this could also be due to boredom and stress of kennel life. Crate training may be of benefit for short periods of being left alone, although we hope this may not be necessary once in a stable home environment. Barry is a super little boy and is 3 years old. To meet Barry, please email –

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Tank would love a new home

Lap dog Tank

Super-soppy Tank is adored by everyone at the centre, and staff can’t resist giving him plenty of hugs. This big guy has had quite a hard life so far, but it doesn’t seem to have dampened his spirits, or love of people. Throughout the day you will often find him having a good chomp on his kong toy, or playing with a squeaky one, keeping him amused for ages; no tennis balls though as he has a tendency to eat them! Early signs of hip dysplasia in Tank are present, but can be easily controlled by making sure he doesn’t become overweight, plus a possible susceptibility to ear infections that can be easily treated using ear drops. We hope 5 year old Tank will make his new owners as happy as he makes us. If you think you can offer Tank a home, please email –


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Trustees working hard!

On 17th August, the branch trustees stepped in to the shoes of the staff and ran the centre for the day! After undertaking training and with support from qualified volunteers they took the reins and worked very hard for the day! From mucking out, to dog walking and cat socialising, they really did the branch proud.

On behalf of all the staff we’re very grateful to our trustees for allowing us our first staff away day and would like to thank them for their support.

From the looks of these pictures they had great fun! They even raised money for the branch through sponsorship, so a brilliant day all in all!

10426132_10152644588429176_3157271765118250939_n more

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